Town Council grateful for Sisial towards the new Christmas lights

Pwllheli Town Council is extremely grateful for the contribution from Sisial towards the new Christmas lights.

As you know the Council is renewing and adding to the Christmas lights from this August onwards.

The purpose of this significant investment is to enable the Town Council to create a seasonal resource that will boost the local economy, raise the profile and strengthen the town's businesses.

The New Christmas lights will improve the experience of visiting the town, improve the appearance of the town for residents in a period of celebration and create an attractive backdrop for events in the town.

The cost of the work is £94,000 plus VAT which is an investment that will be paid over 5 years. Any contribution towards the cost is appreciated.

We hope that this encourages local businesses to come together to organize a late opening night or nights before Christmas.

If you want to coordinate this and other events in the town on the night or nights then please let us, the Town Council, or your local businesses know your suggestions.

Thanks again to Sisial.

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